VAC oil pan baffle M50/M52 E36 Visa full storlek

VAC oil pan baffle M50/M52 E36

VAC oil pan baffle M50/M52 E36.

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$189.28 (exkl. moms)

The VAC E36 & Z3 Oil Pan Baffle fits all M50 & M52 engines as well as S50 / S52 (US spec) engines is these chassis, and is a crucial upgrade for a tracked or hard driven street vehicle.
This baffle is designed to keep oil surrounding the pick-up at all times. Under hard cornering and acceleration loads our baffle keeps many of the fastest BMW's in the world alive.
A VITAL component as a significant loss of oil pressure will lead to catastrophic engine failure. As tire technology improves every year, this product becomes more crucial.

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