UK RHD E36 - PPF 20° engine mounts - oil pan mods?

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UK RHD E36 - PPF 20° engine mounts - oil pan mods?

Inläggav SwedishNickUK » 03 jan 2022, 21:52

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Blev medlem: 03 jan 2022, 10:46
Ort: Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
Good evening Friends.

I'm Nick - from across the channel here in the UK!

I'm hoping someone may be able to help me on my quest to build my E36 turbo.

Although top mount turbo is now tried & tested on RHD chassis (with steering link clearance issues)

I have been doing some reading into standing the engine up to 20° to create myself some more room for a custom setup. I will build my own manifold so figured if this is a Viable option - I may as well start by creating some usable space!

besides the gearbox issues (swapping for a diesel or an older m20 derived gearbox?) I cannot find any information regards the Oil pan/pickup.

I am aware that I will have to modify the sump pan itself - but are there any required modifications to the oil pump/pickup setup itself? will the M50 happily run the standard oil pump/drive/ at the new angle of 20°?

I would love to hear some feedback from people who have done this, or if someone can point me in the right direction of someone who has it would be greatly appreciated!!

I cannot find anyone here in the UK who has done this!

Thanks guys & happy new year.

ChickenLipPerformance UK

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